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Free timed tickets are available for access to the tunnel and/or viaduct on Saturday, February 2. There will be a dedicated line for limited ticket holders. If it takes you longer than expected to explore part of the event and you arrive after your specified time, you will still be granted access. Complete the survey below to determine which tickets you need and our recommendations for how to plan your itinerary.

We are sold out of all Viaduct tickets, and are close to selling out of Tunnel tickets. However, there will be walk-up lines for access to the viaduct at the Seneca Street ramp and through the Battery Street tunnel as well as for access to the tunnel. We believe the best arrival window for un-ticketed guests will be between 1:30 and 5:30 p.m. We plan to accommodate as many un-ticketed guests as possible, however, we are not able to guarantee access if the wait extends past the 6:30 p.m. end time.

If you are interested in viewing the tunnel, you can still obtain tickets for tunnel access here:

Don't forget to register separately for the run/walk

What would you like to do? Check all that apply. See Event page for more information about the different activities.

The walk through the tunnel is approximately 2 miles long and moderately strenuous with about 1.5 miles downhill and a half mile uphill (4-6% grade). You will enter at the North Hub and exit at the South Hub.

For those who don't have time or are not interested in the full 2-mile walk through the tunnel, the sneak peek walk into the north end of the tunnel offers you a chance to see the tunnel and peek into the egress corridor. This portion of the tunnel is not very strenuous and is approximately 1/3 mile round trip.

We will be saying farewell to the viaduct on the top deck. There will be two entry points, via the Seneca Street ramp and via the North Hub. The distance of the Viaduct portion is approximately 1.5 miles one-way and is low to moderately strenuous with a significant grade at the Seneca Street ramp.

There will be a variety of free STEM activities for adults and children at both the North Hub and the South Hub. These hands-on activities will help you think about the viaduct and tunnel in a whole new way.

There will be a variety of ways for you to enjoy music at the event. The North Hub will include several street corner performers and the South Hub will have a stage with live bands and DJs rotating throughout the day.

An official ribbon cutting event will be held at the south end of the tunnel at 11:30 a.m.

What is your preferred access point? See Getting There page for travel options.

Your recommended journey

Accommodation requests for people with disabilities can be made by contacting the WSDOT Diversity/ADA Affairs team at or by calling toll-free, 855-362-4ADA (4232). Persons who are deaf or hard of hearing may make a request by calling the Washington State Relay at 711.

Don't get stuck

Shuttles only run from the South Hub to the North Hub, so if you do not plan to walk the 2 mile length of the tunnel, you should park at the North Hub, or plan to walk, bike, or take transit back to your vehicle.

Step 3: Get your free tickets

Obtain your free tickets through Eventbrite.

  • Tunnel only
  • Viaduct only - sold out
  • Tunnel and viaduct - sold out
  • Viaduct and tunnel - sold out

Visit our Getting There page to plan your transportation.


Event map

Event map